Trans Commercial Real Estate Services is a real estate investment advisory, asset management and transaction management services firm advising pension funds, private investors and both public and private sector corporations to achieve their commercial real estate objectives. We transact throughout North America for both domestic and international clients. We offer a unique perspective to our clients as we have extensive experience acting for both owners and users of real estate. We are building our business on strong and lasting relationships by providing our clients with excellent service, superior professional advice and consistent performance that meets their financial return thresholds and supports their real estate decision-making.

The Demand for Real Estate Intelligence

Trans Commercial has grown by satisfying the needs of investors and corporations for outsourced intelligence covering a wide spectrum of activities in the North American commercial real estate world. Investors and corporations have been influenced by several trends and market factors impacting commercial real estate. Some of these factors include:

  • Ownership of commercial real estate in North America will continue to shift from “active” (developers and institutions) to “passive” (pension funds and private investors). Effective real estate investment requires specialized skills and expertise and frequently passive investors do not have these resources in-house.
  • Foreign investors are demonstrating increasing interest in North American real estate, spurred by such factors as regulatory and tax changes in some European jurisdictions. These investors require local skills and market knowledge to make informed investment decisions.
  • Large corporate users will continue to focus on their core businesses and cost reduction strategies and will increasingly outsource or seek strategic alliances with real estate specialists capable of delivering a wide range of value-added services.

As a result of the above factors, there is a growing demand for outsourced real estate experience and intelligence from both the owners’ and users’ perspectives. That’s why Trans Commercial was established. Our success comes from satisfying this demand with exemplary client service.

Our Business

Trans Commercial combines the transaction capabilities and extensive real estate knowledge of a solid team of professionals with complementary specialties. Our clients benefit from expertise gained over several decades of owning, developing, acquiring, divesting, managing and leasing office, retail and industrial properties across Canada and the United States for a multitude of Canadian, U.S., and European investors and corporate users. At Trans Commercial, we have the resources, experience and track record to deliver sound advice to help our clients realize their real estate objectives.

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